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10 Tips on Writing an Eye-catching Career Objective in Your Resume


Some experts believe that career objectives are outdated and suggest replacing it with a summary. This is part of a shift from the generic, one-size-fits-all professional resume that was used in the past to the newer, employer-centered approach to resume writing. Traditionally career objectives have been vague statements. “I’m a smart person with skills looking for a job I like.” Such statements...

How To Fix The 15 Worst Resume Mistakes!


Your resume has the official job of selling you to your prospective employers. As such, it has to be perfect or at least near perfect when you send it out to the company you’re applying for. To help you do that, here’s a list of the 15 worst resume mistakes you can possibly commit and of course, how to fix them. Grammatical And Spelling Errors Many times, we just laugh at such types...

10 Common Mistakes Entry Level Candidates Make and How To Fix Them


Applying to your first job is one of the most stressful things most college grads will experience in their senior year. The job market is always up and down. Figuring out how to win the cat and mouse game of hiring with recruiters is confusing. Actually writing and keeping an up to date resume is just so much effort. Fear not Millennials, there is a way to make being an entry-level candidate more...

10 Effective Ways on How To Write Your Accomplishments in Your Resume


The job market today is more competitive than ever. Potential employers receive a barrage of resumes from dedicated, capable, and well-educated applicants. Most of them will just quickly scan through this avalanche, or even leave it to computer software to do the scanning for them. In this scenario, how can you hope to stand out from all the other qualified applicants? How can you get noticed...

How Long Should My Resume Be?


“Too many cooks spoil the broth.” “The more, the merrier.” “Less talk, less mistake.” “Less is more.” Sayings such as these tell us that to a great extent, the amount of things that need to be done does matter. Sometimes, things are better when it has more volume. At other times, less volume equals better quality. So when it comes to the number of...

15 Resume Tips to Grab a Hiring Manager’s Attention


How many articles come across your news feed every day? How many of those do you actually read? Most people decide whether or not they will read something just from the title, or maybe the first paragraph. Amid a barrage of information, we have mastered the skill of quickly scanning text to determine whether it’s relevant or interesting. It’s the same with hiring managers, who must dig through an...

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